With Yahoo Scanning Your Emails for Data – What will be Your Immediate Priority?

Yahoo Mail, of late, has gone through a lot of changes. Recover Yahoo Password The changes are not just cosmetic. Ever since the data breach scandal that affected nearly 500 million users, it has to an extent lost its overall credibility.

Yahoo Mail, of late, has gone through a lot of changes. The changes are not just cosmetic. Ever since the data breach scandal that affected nearly 500 million users, it has to an extent lost its overall credibility.

Now owned by the Verizon group, Yahoo is still continuing to fight, in a bid to survive the massive competition from that of its rivals. No doubt, it is falling behind in generating the right amount of revenue, as well.

If you are still clinging on to your Yahoo Mail, then it is completely your prerogative. There is nothing wrong with keeping the account active, provided you make a conscious effort to safeguard it.

Let’s now concentrate on an important matter which you might not be aware of.


Yahoo is Scanning Your Emails for Data

Have you got any inkling of Yahoo scanning your emails? From a report published in the Wall Street Journal, it appears Yahoo is targeting emails and are scanning them to mine precious information and data, so as to sell the same to advertisers.

The basic objective is to scan over 200 million Yahoo Mail inboxes, which will then allow the advertisers to profile the users on the basis of their employment status, income and other such important details. Usually, a cookie is placed on the system of the user. This, in turn, helps to identify the interest group the users happen to be associated with. The advertisers will then utilize the information to lure the users with customized ads.

Yahoo has on the record stated that only commercial emails are being scanned and the algorithm being employed filters out personal emails, in ad bid to address the security concerns. In fact, the system is so designed to classify commercial emails only and those with sensitive information are never scanned.

The whole argument about scanning commercial emails, as claimed by Yahoo hinges on what you want to believe. There is no proven narrative to substantiate the whole truth. As such, you are bound to look for a way out.

Fortunately, there are options that are optimized to help you deal with the whole email scanning fiasco.

Opting Out of Yahoo Mail Email Scanning

By now, you know very well that Yahoo is indeed scanning your commercial emails, as it claims. The next thing on your agenda would be to restrict Yahoo from scanning your emails. Considering the scenario, you will no doubt look for a viable solution.

You are now required to find an answer to the question of – how to opt out Yahoo Mail data scanning?

  • Going by the circumstances, there are two alternatives in place.
  • You can try closing down the account.

Consider opting out of interest-based ads in Yahoo Mail.


1. Why You must close the account?

Yes, the fact that Yahoo is scanning the commercial emails in your inbox is downright offensive. In that case, you can try closing the email account. In the meantime, shutting down the account for goodwill not really help much.

Just consider the logistics involved, You will have to look for a different email provider, apart from backing up all the emails you have received over the years. There is also the issue of alternating the email address with a new one on websites that you avail services from.

Right before deleting the account, it would seem logical to download all the important staff and store the same in a safe place.

Closing the account will not be a smart move, Instead, you must explore options that are far more appropriate to suit your circumstances. If you are confused and looking for a good piece of advice, then you can try reaching the Yahoo technical support team. The technical experts will indeed come up with something that will put an end to your confusion.


2. Stay Away from Customized Ads in Yahoo Mail

Since you are using Yahoo Mail, it is quite possible for you to opt out of interest-based ads. If you do opt out, then it will stop analyzing and scanning your emails for the purpose of curating ads.

To be able to opt out of Yahoo Mail scanning, here’s what you have to do :

  • Proceed towards the Ad Internet Manager page on the Yahoo website.
  • Now, click on the opt-out button to opt out of interest-based ads. In doing so, you will also restrict Yahoo from analyzing the content of your emails for advertising purposes.
  • Once the process has been requested, the button should change to “opt-in”.
  • Herein, you need to switch to “ On Yahoo” and opt out from there as well.

It doesn’t matter if you are free user or premium Yahoo Mail user. It is mandatory for you to opt out manually, in order to prevent the data from being sent to advertisers.



Keeping in mind your privacy concerns, it becomes necessary to have systems in place that safeguard your data. The fact that Yahoo is scanning emails and selling the data is something that might surprise you. However, Yahoo claims that it is only targeting commercial emails. Nevertheless, it comes down to you, whether you want to receive the personalized ads or not. There are mechanisms in place that can put your mind at ease.

If you need help, then you can seek the opinion of experts by employing the services of Yahoo chat support. With real-time chat support, you will figure out a way to deal with the many issues in a manner that suits your circumstances.

For a change, you have the option that can be relied upon, if something goes wrong.

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