Customer Reviews

I am really indebted to the customer service that Pretoria offered me during contingency and helped me getting Yahoo app issues fixed in few minutes. I was not able to receive messages in the app installed on a smartphone device as the server keeps on getting disconnected again and again. She has really done a smart work by installing the latest version of Yahoo mail App. Now all the email messages are getting accumulated in the inbox of the App. Thanks a Ton Pretoria. Mother Mary Bless You.

Kennedy Nicholas,

Boston, United States
I was not able to receive a Yahoo account key on my phone due to which I couldn’t read email inbox messages. This kept on happening consistently for 3 weeks. Neither I was able to enable 2-step verification to secure my email account from hacking attempts by scammers. I discussed my problems with my friend and he passed on the toll free number on Whatsapp dialing, which one of the experts named as James was available on the phone line to assist me. I unveiled all my problems and he started working instantly on those and in the next few minutes, everything was fine for me.

Really appreciate the Yahoo customer service offered by James Javerman as this is the name I can’t forget in my whole life.

Thanks a lot Mr. James for your astounding services.

Jennifer Kennedy

Nottingham, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
For once, I was in a complete shock, as I failed to access my Yahoo email account. The problem was – I could not remember the password. From there on, I followed all the instructions to recover the password, but here too, I was at sea. It was almost 2 weeks and all my emails were piling up, which to me was still inaccessible. At that precise moment, a friend of mine passed me the Yahoo support toll-free number. Fortunately, Kevin, the guy from the Technical Support listened to my problems and immediately started the recovery process. In a span of few minutes, I was able to access my Yahoo email account it did come as a huge relief for me. Really don’t have the words to express my gratitude. Mr Kevin, you are surely the man to look up to. Great work guys.

Lance Gabriel

Manitoba, Canada
I was way out of the thoughts as my Yahoo email account was hacked by a stranger who represented himself as a customer care officer of data card which I purchased last month. He took all my yahoo email account details to integrate my email account with data card to take automatic backup. He ran away, stealing all my confidential details most importantly, bank account details and made me financially ruin. My friend suggested to give me a call at this yahoo support number as there is no official number available on the web. At first instance, I was not ready to talk to a customer service representative as that horrifying experience was not giving me the courage to utter a single word. But that guy was understanding my situation very well and convinced me to speak with him. I told the entire story. He took down all the points and keep doing the things that kept cropping his mind. I don’t know what he did, but all my problems were vanishing as he created a security lock in my account that also let me know in which bank account my hard-earned money was credited. With this, I filed a complaint to the Police and the culprit was held in next 24 hrs. I am really thankful to George, who possess the great technical knowledge and offered me superlative Yahoo help desk services after considering the scenario in a proper way. Thanks a lot, George…. Good luck for your future. Will definitely recommend my friends contacting you during the hour of need.

Shaun Lien

Perth, Western Australia