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Yahoo Phone Number is a law-abiding organization. We, at Yahoo Phone Number, strive hard to give the safe, reliable, and affordable services within the comfort zone of the users. Yahoo Phone Number understands the value of privacy and dignity. We are deeply committed to honoring the privacy rights of the users. 

As being a certified and reputable digital company, we have been providing our services under the ambit of the safe and secure privacy policy. Our privacy policy is in the best interest of the users as well as the organization. Continuous use of our services or website means that the users agree with the privacy policy of the Yahoo Phone number. 


What data of users we accumulate through our safe and secure website


Yahoo Phone Number receive the following data and information related to the users once the users navigate our website on their device and post any comment in response to any published blog on our website. 


  1.  Device information: We can collect some basic information about your device. For example, type of mobile, operating system, specification of mobile, browser type, location of the device, and IP address as well.  
  2. Device Configuration: Yahoo Phone Number can retrieve the information about the preferred setting in the device and preferred language. 
  3. Online activity: Users’ online activity also we can store. For example, how many times you browse the Yahoo Phone Number and how much time do you usually spend on our website. Moreover, we can access your weblogs and communication data. 
  4. Comments: As we are a group of dedicated and passionate people, we left no room for any gap in communication. To understand the need and expectation of users we regularly check the comments and accordingly respond. 


Why we collect users data

 Be informed that Yahoo Phone Number is free from all malicious intentions. By no means, we are not involved in any objectionable activity. The purpose of collecting data and the way of collecting is totally in line with the information regulation act. The sole purpose of collecting data is clear like crystal and pure. Find below the reason for collecting information of users:  

  1. Frequency of Visitor: In order to know the number of visitors everyday Yahoo Phone Number collects the data of users. 
  2. Total Traffic: To understand the size, nature, and fluctuation of the website traffic we store the data of users. 
  3. Data downloading: To keep a tab on the downloading it is important to collect the information of users on our website. 
  4.  Online errors: Yahoo Phone Number works 24*7, round the clock just to make sure that our users always keep getting seamless services. So, in our holy attempt to give the users immaculate services we have to be aware of about the errors users get on our website. So, that we can take remedial steps to make our website better and error-free. 
  5. Website development: Another important reason for gathering the information of the users is website development. People use different browsers to browse the website of Yahoo Phone Number. To make sure that our website works up to the optimum level, we accumulate the users’ data. When we realize any performance and compatibility issues we happily develop our website that supports the users’ browsers. 
  6. Location and time: To understand when and from which location we get the maximum traffic and minimum traffic we have to gather details of users. So, in the case of server maintenance and website development, we can opt for the right time.  


 Use of cookies

 As you know cookies are small files that store in the device to help get the information of the users. You will be glad to know that our cookies are totally harmless to your device and they are limited to use. Cookies are a simple, friendly,  and reliable way of storing the information of the users. Once the users come to our website, automatically small and harmless cookies take place in the device of the users. By using the website of Yahoo Phone Number or taking its services means that you agree with the privacy policy and at the same time you accept the cookies policy as well. 


How do we use your stored information

Yahoo phone number strongly adheres to its vision and aim of giving the immaculate, innovative, and high-end digital solution to the customers at a global level. In our attempt to get better and better always , we store some data of users and use them for further development process. Yahoo Phone Number has two ways in place for gathering the information of the users: comments and cookies. 

Comments are like a response of users which they post after reading our blog. In the comment section whatever users mention we process the information and keep it in our record to meet other requirements. 

Cookies: Cookies files get attached to the device of the users once they open our website. And cookies keep working silently in the background of the device. 


Whom with we share your information 

We can share the data of users with the following entities to satisfy the need of development and progress which is also important to exit in the race. 

  1. Technical business partner.
  2.  Service providers. 
  3. Company associates and affiliates.


Users right in reference to their own data

Yahoo Phone Number is totally customer-oriented and gives first priority to the consent of the users.  The amazing part of our policy is that users are free to tell us if they want us to delete their stored information. We assure you that once we receive your request, all the stored information with immediate effect will be deleted from the database of the Yahoo Phone Number. 


Data protection policy

We would like to inform you that all the data of users we keep under the thick layer of security. Our website is 100% protected and secured from all kinds of digital threats. Kindly just throw out any negative thoughts if you have any in your mind about the security threat and breach of privacy. 


Change of Policy

The privacy policy of Yahoo Phone Number is subjected to change anytime. We will update the privacy policy on the website in case if in future we introduce any change. 


Contact us: 

Feel free to contact us if anyone has any doubt about the privacy policy of the Yahoo Phone Number. We are available 24*7 at +1855-429-1222

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