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Is Your Yahoo Account Hacked!! Know The Reality

As Yahoo accounts hacked in the year 2016, it was a major setback to the reputation of the largest web portal and search engine of all times. With the security breach happening twice in a year, it brought user’s heart in their mouth with the 500 million Yahoo email account hacked on a sudden basis, due to certain loopholes.

The reality behind Yahoo mailbox hacked was the negligence of users to a certain extent and security features upgrade by the web portal. Had security features been working efficiently, this incident could have been certainly avoided.

Yahoo email hacked in 2016 shook the internet world to some extent that could not be ignored at any cost. In fact, it warned every web user that they can come in trap anytime if absolute precautions are not enforced in a defined way.

Though there are various reasons behind Yahoo mail hacking, the main reason behind it is accessing email account at public places with the insecure wireless network. These issues; being erupted on an abrupt basis, actually trouble the users to a huge extent like the way it happened in Yahoo hack 2016.

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Listed below are the reasons behind Yahoo Email Hijacked:

  • Yahoo account accessed in public using the insecure wireless network.
  • Login credentials saved in the web browser.
  • Yahoo account details saved in an unknown device.
  • Two-step verification not enabled.
  • Yahoo account key functionality not working.
  • Login details saved in the third-party app installed on desktop or mobile.
  • Yahoo password not changed since last many days.
  • Yahoo password is quite short and insecure.
  • Adware or spyware softwares

Many users; who are victimized to Yahoo mail hacked issues, have certain queries:

  • My Yahoo email hacked!! How to fix it?
  • Is my Yahoo account hacked? Can’t log in.
  • My Yahoo hacked in 2016!! Still no solution.
  • My Yahoo account has been hacked!!

How do I know If My Yahoo account has been hacked?

This is one of the most popular questions; being asked by many Yahoo users, when their email account gets hacked. People generally wonder when they come to know from other sources that their Yahoo email account has been hacked.

They generally cannot find out if their Yahoo email account has been hacked. Here are the enumerated points that make you aware of the hacked Y! Mail account.

  • The password of the Yahoo email account has been changed
  • Emails sent to the people whom you don’t know
  • Unexpected emails being accumulated in the inbox folder
  • Spam links or unsolicited images being sent to the friends and the known-ones using your identity
  • Yahoo account accessed from an unknown location using a different IP address
  • The recovery details of Yahoo account have been modified

How to Detect If Your Yahoo Account is Hacked

Email users, in actual; have no idea to detect whether a Yahoo account has been compromised. They keep looking for assistance from the qualified experts through the contact us form by typing a question:

“Is My Yahoo Account hacked? How can I actually know about it?”

With no official Yahoo support phone number available on the web, the email users are not able to get much-needed assistance on an instant basis.

For their convenience, certain steps are mentioned below following which they can actually make sure if their Yahoo email account has been hacked.

  • Access Yahoo account with the login credentials and change password immediately.
  • Navigate to account info page upon clicking “My Account” Button.
  • Therein, you will find recent sign-in activity tab.
  • Click on the same and check the recent login sessions in Yahoo with different IP.
  • Now navigate to Yahoo mail sent folder and look for the messages that are not been sent by you.
  • If any such messages are saved in the particular folder, it means that your Yahoo account has been hacked.
  • Changing Yahoo password is not enough to keep the account secure from hacking. Just enable 2-step verification feature and find the difference.
  • Update virus definitions in Windows Defender to prevent intrusion of adware or spyware. Run a security scan on a daily basis to prevent intrusion of unwanted applications.
  • If you have no access to hacked Y! mail account, then the best option is to reset yahoo mail password using recovery phone number or email address.

How to Recover Hacked Yahoo Account?

As it is heard from many users saying that” “someone hacked my yahoo email and changed my password”, they feel quite dejected being unaware of the strategies to recover the hacked Yahoo account.

Any user; who is worried about the data theft due to the sudden hacking of Yahoo mail account, is not supposed to worry if he/she has access to recovery phone number or email address that was provided at the time of Yahoo mail sign-up.

Here are the certain strategies that can be adopted to recover hacked Yahoo email password

  • Hacked Yahoo Email Password Recovery with a phone
  • Hacked Yahoo Mail Password Recovery with an email

Foremost Procedure of Hacked Yahoo password recovery
  • Open the official Yahoo mail login dashboard and click on the link “Trouble Signing-in”.
  • As the new slide is open, you will find the three options:
  1. Sign-in email address
  2. Recovery phone number.
  3. Recovery email address.

Recover Hacked Yahoo Account with recovery phone number or Sign-in Email Address

  • Enter your phone number or authentic Yahoo email address in the box or and press continue button.
  • Fill the last digits of phone number and press submit.
  • As you do the same, a new screen appears in which press the button “Yes, Text me an Account key”.
  • Check your phone and enter the account key in the box as received through the text messages sent by Yahoo.
  • Press the verify button and wait for it to get validated.
  • Once validated, a new slide will be displayed on your device to enter the secure password and regain access to the hacked Yahoo account.
  • Click on the continue button to make changes effective

Recover Hacked Yahoo Account with Recovery Email Address

  • Enter the recovery email address and press continue button
  • As you do the same, press the button “Yes, send me an account key”
  • Open a new tab and access alternate email address
  • Access inbox and open an email message in which an account key is sent to reset yahoo password
  • Copy the account key and paste it in the empty box.
  • Press Verify button and wait for it to get validated successfully
  • As the account code gets validated successfully, you are asked to secure your Yahoo email account with a new password.
  • Press continue button to save the Yahoo account security settings.

Steps to Keep A Check on Yahoo Email Account Hacking

  • Change the Yahoo mail password on a regular basis to keep it safe and secure
  • Opt for Yahoo account key feature to permanently eliminate the chance of hacking
  • Don’t leave yahoo account logged into after you access important mails at a public
  • Never think about using the same password for internet banking.
  • Prefer deactivating the Yahoo account if you avail the email services once in a while
Change the password of the recovery email address associated with Yahoo account.